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Synopsis from Little, Brown and Company:

An Eater Best Cookbook of Fall 2020

From caramelized onions to fruit preserves, make home cooking quick and easy with ten simple “kitchen heroes” in these 125 recipes from the New York Times bestselling and award-winning author of Deep Run Roots.

“I wrote this book to inspire you, and I promise it will change the way you cook, the way you think about what’s in your fridge, the way you see yourself in an apron.”

Vivian Howard’s first cookbook chronicling the food of Eastern North Carolina, Deep Run Roots, was named one of the best of the year by 18 national publications, including the New York Times, USA Today, Bon Appetit, and Eater, and won an unprecedented four IACP awards, including Cookbook of the Year. Now, Vivian returns with an essential work of home-cooking genius that makes simple food exciting and accessible, no matter your skill level in the kitchen.

Each chapter of This Will Make It Taste Good is built on a flavor hero—a simple but powerful recipe like her briny green sauce, spiced nuts, fruit preserves, deeply caramelized onions, and spicy pickled tomatoes. Like a belt that lends you a waist when you’re feeling baggy, these flavor heroes brighten, deepen, and define your food.

Many of these recipes are kitchen crutches, dead-easy, super-quick meals to lean on when you’re limping toward dinner. There are also kitchen projects, adventures to bring some more joy into your life. Vivian’s mission is not to protect you from time in your kitchen, but to help you make the most of the time you’ve got.

Nothing is complicated, and more than half the dishes are vegetarian, gluten-free, or both. These recipes use ingredients that are easy to find, keep around, and cook with—lots of chicken, prepared in a bevy of ways to keep it interesting, and common vegetables like broccoli, kale, squash, and sweet potatoes that look good no matter where you shop. 

And because food is the language Vivian uses to talk about her life, that’s what these recipes do, next to stories that offer a glimpse at the people, challenges, and lessons learned that stock the pantry of her life.

The author wore fresh cilantro for a belt haha

About: This Will Make it Taste Good: A New Path to Simple Cooking was written by Vivian Howard. It was published by Voracious Books, an imprint of Little, Brown and Company, hardcover, 332 pages. The genres are cookbook, food, and nonfiction. According to the publisher’s website, “We are Voracious: a new imprint at Little, Brown led by Editorial Director Michael Szczerban, launching our first list in Fall 2019. Our publishing interests are wide-ranging, but our books are driven by twin forces: appetite and curiosity. To us, books are a matter of passion. Our mission is to connect readers with what they love most—from politics and Instant Pots to irreverent advice and pop culture. Most of our books are illustrated, and all of them are designed to make readers pick them up and immediately engage with them. Our authors are artists, entrepreneurs, cooks, photographers, tastemakers, thought leaders, scientists, storytellers, historians, humorists—and more.” Please see below for more information about the author and publisher.

My Experience: I was surprised to receive this cookbook back in October called This Will Make it Taste Good: A Simple Path to Simple Cooking. I have since cooked two dishes from this cookbook. I loved the Deviled Eggs more than the Eggs and Tomatoes but my husband loved the Eggs and Tomatoes more. Either way, any dish I made, it gets eaten up!

These first few pictures are recipes to make Eggs and Tomatoes.

These few pictures below are ingredients to make deviled eggs. I have since made it twice! I love the idea of putting cooked eggs in a bowl of ice water because the peeling is so much easier!

Both recipes however, has a lot going on than I managed to follow but it still tasted delicious to me. The Eggs and Tomatoes were missing what the author called Quirky Furki. Then the second recipe I missed the Red Weapon recipe. The Red Weapon is like pickled tomatoes and needed to be prepared ahead of time. I garnished with substituted pickled olives and pickled jalapeños. Some I sprinkled with paprika and garnished with slice tomatoes. I’m loving this dish!

The start of the book was interesting. I enjoyed learning about the author and her experiences. I have got to admit that this cookbook has dishes outside of my comfort zone. Although many dishes are considered everyday food, it’s not what I’m used to eating. One friend made an observation that I don’t like my foods touching and this cookbook has many dishes with a combo of things mashed together, like Deep Run Summer in a Bowl, Pinch Me Frenchie, Sloppy Joe, Meatloaf, etc. However, the chicken wangs, banana nut bread, and lemon pie do sound delicious so hopefully I will get to eat them soon!

Each recipe has a background story of how the author enjoyed it, either with her mom, friends, or kids. The recipes are easy to follow. Readers just need to prepare a few things ahead of time to be able to enjoy each dish to the max like making the red weapon and quirky furki ahead of time. I just went into each recipe directly so I’m unprepared for those “extra something that will make it taste better.”

I will make more dishes from this cookbook and add more pictures on here later. I probably will learn to love more dishes when I’m reluctant to try it now.

Pro: simple dishes with something extra,

I rate it 5 stars!

Buy it here for free shipping: Book Depository or Little Brown’s website

About the Author:

Vivian Howard is the New York Times bestselling author of Deep Run Roots, which was named Cookbook of the Year by the International Association of Culinary Professionals. She co-created and stars in the public television shows Somewhere South and A Chef’s Life, for which she has won Peabody, Emmy, and James Beard awards. She runs the restaurants Chef and the Farmer, Benny’s Big Time, Lenoir, and Handy & Hot. Vivian lives in Deep Run, North Carolina, with her husband, Ben, and their twins, Theo and Flo. (Photo and info obtained from Little Brown’s website).

More Information about Voracious Books

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***Disclaimer: Many thanks to Little, Brown and Company for the opportunity to cook and review. Please be assured that my opinions are honest.



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