January 2021 Wrap Up #readingwrapup #monthlywrapup #wrapup #bookworm @fsgbooks @celadonbooks @torbooks

Hi Everyone!

Hope you are doing well. We are a week into February already. I didn’t plan on posting my reading wrap up so late but better late than never.

So in January I read 5 books, where only one was from a TBR stack! I’m such a mood reader but I do want to start doing a TBR just to have a plan. I posted my TBR on Instagram at @howusefulitis.

I’m glad to have read one book from my owned shelf, which is called The Wild Robot. I have been buying more books than I read so I’m trying hard to read them. I enjoyed this middle grade book a lot and I was so excited that my 9 year old read it with me. Of course, he already finished book 2 so I might be reading it in February. I’m surprised myself to have read 2 books from the library: Real Friends and The Silent Patient but I’m glad I did. The Silent Patient was a very hyped book and yes, I agreed that it’s a very good read and I’m glad to now able to check it off my TBR list! I liked Real Friends because last year I read Best Friends and loved it.

In January, I was very honored to have been chosen as one of the 25 early readers to receive The Plot from Celadon Books. I don’t read many books about books but I really loved this one! I have never gotten this invitation before so it was a good experience. Then later, I received a surprise gift from them, a Reader’s Pin! Definitely amazing! Below are books I have read from Celadon and loved every one of them.

If you loved The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides then you will be anticipating the author’s upcoming book called The Maidens! I was thrilled to received the postcard for The Maidens and I cannot wait to read it.

Luster was an amazing bookmail from FSG Books too. It arrived with a nail polish that I was not expecting. I enjoyed the read, though I was sad for the main character to have led such a difficult life.

The best bookmail of all goes to Tor Books! I’m ecstatic to have received an influencer box for The Echo Wife! I read and reviewed this book in February as well as hosting a giveaway for an extra copy of the book. (The giveaway is currently still running).

I have two cookbooks that I cooked and ate starting January. You can check out the pictures on my Instagram; otherwise, I will have those reviewed by February so you can get in on the good stuffs.

As for movies, I saw a few. I rewatched Confessions of a Shopaholic. I loved that movie. I saw a documentary called Vegucated for the second time. I attempted to go Vegan but failed. It’s so sad about how the animals were treated just so we humans could drink their milk and eat their meat. So I’m just actively eating less meat now rather than go cold turkey. I also saw Addicted to Food: Sharon’s Story and wanted to be more conscious about eating for myself and my family. I hope I have more time to watch TV shows but with an 18 months old, I’m happy to have some time to read.

I hope you all have a fabulous February!



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