February 2021 Wrap Up #bookworm #readingwrapup #wrapup #monthlywrapup

Hi Everyone!

Hope your February was fantastic! Mine was! I received some amazing bookmails! (Yeah, it’s mid March, better late than never!)

The Echo Wife was an excellent read! I was fortunate to received 2 copies so I was able to host a giveaway for one.

In February, I read a debut, Down Comes the Night and it was great! I loved the modern take on attraction where the main character was interested in both guys and girls.

I participated in a fun activity for a picture book called Sock on the Loose hosted by Macmillan Children’s Publishing Group. I was gifted a book to read and a sock to decorate. On pub day, we find our match against other readers by posting a picture of our decorated sock. It was fun.

I love to read graphic novels and Warriors: Skyclan and the Stranger was an interesting cat story. There were some cool drawings of the cat jumping high and far. This book was a giveaway win. I love winning giveaways and hosting too!

The Pull of the Stars, I couldn’t tell what kind of read I get by the cover or the title. It was an intense read because I have experienced it, at least on the being pregnant and coughing and giving birth part. Definitely tough in the old days where they lacked epidural.

I have been loving cookbooks lately. Instant Pot Bible: the Next Generation is a great one to introduce you to using an Instant Pot if you have one but rarely use. This book did that for me. I’m loving my Instant Pot now.

I loved The Keto High Fiber Diet! It seems like every time I eat following a Keto recipe I ended up losing weight and gain weight when I don’t. I just need to stick to the diet routine, which is hard because I get hungry.

Follow my Instagram at @howusefulitis if you haven’t already. I will follow you back. I often host giveaways on there. I’m currently hosting a giveaway for Down Comes the Night!

Happy Reading!

See you on my next book review.


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