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Synopsis from Hachette Book Group:

From the #1 international bestselling author: a woman wakes up on a Central Park bench with no memory of how she got there in this “unpredictable and moving psychological thriller that keeps you holding your breath” (Métro)

Alice, a fierce and respected Parisian cop, wakes up on a Central Park bench with no memory of the night before, handcuffed to a complete stranger—a musician named Gabriel. Disoriented, dazed, and with someone else’s blood on her shirt, Alice works furiously to reconnect the dots. She remembers clubbing with her friends the night before on the Champs-Élysées. Gabriel claims he was playing a gig in Dublin. Was she drugged? Kidnapped? Why is the gun in her jacket pocket missing a bullet? And whose blood is on her clothes?

Over the next twenty-four hours, Alice and Gabriel race across New York in search of answers, stumbling upon a startling set of clues that point to a terrible adversary from the past. Alice must finally confront her memories of hunting the serial killer who took everything from her—a man she thought was dead, until now.

From France’s #1 bestselling author, Central Park is a taut and suspenseful thriller that will keep readers riveted until its final shocking twist.

About: Central Park is a French lit mystery thriller written by Guillaume Musso. It was originally published on 5/27/14 but recently rereleased on 3/16/2021 by Little, Brown and Company, an imprint of Hachette Book Group, paperback, 336 pages. The genres are mystery, thriller, French literature, and fiction. According to the publisher’s website, “Our Vision: To be the #1 destination for authors, agents, customers, client publishers, and employees. To be a respected publisher that values diversity, nurtures talent, rewards success, and honors its responsibilities. To be market focused in all we do, and to lead change in popular culture. To anticipate change, foster creativity, and encourage risk-taking and innovation.” Please see below for more Information about the author and publisher.

My Experience: I started reading Central Park on 4/19/2021 and finished it on 4/28/2021. This book was an interesting read and I loved that it was full of twists but mostly the pace was a bit slow for my liking. The start was definitely a mystery and it caught my attention. The story on Jodie’s view died out as soon as she started. I would have liked to read more about her. Why introduce her at all. The memory started out slow then I liked getting to know a new character, Paul. Alice’s decision making while pregnant was really messed up. I wouldn’t give her a medal for that. Her character was a controlling bossy kind of person so I guess she would want to have all of the credit for catching a bad guy on her own.

This book followed Alice, Paris Police Captain, as she woke up at a park, shocked to find herself handcuffed to a stranger on a bench. To make matters worse, she found a gun in the pocket of her jacket that doesn’t belong to her with traces of blood on the gun and on her blouse. She spoke French but the stranger spoke English. The alternating view was the stranger, Gabriel, Jazz Pianist. He was woken up with a gun pointed to his face by Alice. Alice wanted to know who he was but as Gabriel tried as he might, he couldn’t remember what happened after he had consumed a few too many alcoholic drinks just like Alice. Alice thought they were in Paris but Gabriel thought they were in Dublin. Turned out they were both in New York, but how? The third view was Jodie, 24, fresh out of police academy. She wanted to do real investigations but have been left with chasing down purse snatchers and giving tourists directions. While feeling bitter, a group of teens told her their phone was snatched by a couple being handcuffed together. She felt excited and hurried after once she able to trace the phone. The story switched to Alice’s memory of three years ago every few chapters then two and half years ago and so on.

Central Park was a unique mystery thriller, one that is different from other books I have read. I like different. The twists were all unexpected and it was great. The reveal at the end was a major turn of events that caught me off guard. I would have loved the story more but the descriptions of their surroundings during their long drive or in Paris somehow lost my interest. The idea of the serial killer and women’s stockings was intriguing as well as Alice’s whole ordeal with catching the killer. I’m glad to have read this book and I do recommend it to everyone.

I rate it 4 stars!

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About the Author:

Guillaume Musso is the #1 bestselling author in France. He has written seventeen novels, including the thrillers The Reunion, which is in development as an international TV series and Afterwards…, which was made into a feature film starring John Malkovich and Evangeline Lilly. His books have sold more than thirty-five million copies worldwide and have been translated into forty-four languages. He lives in Paris. (Photo and info obtained from Hachette’s website).

More Information about Little, Brown and Company

Website: www.littlebrown.com | Instagram: www.instagram.com/littlebrown | Twitter: www.twitter.com/littlebrown

***Disclaimer: Many thanks to Little, Brown and Company for the opportunity to read and review. Please be assured that my opinions are honest.



3 thoughts on “Central Park #BookReview #centralpark #mystery #thriller @littlebrown #bookworm #book

  1. Kristina says:

    How exciting to see someone else than me reading some Musso in the blogosphere !! Aaaah thank you!

    I used to be a big fan of his back in the days; but my, I don’t remember this one.. and I thought I owned most of them (except recent additions & the two that i’ve read in school). Definately looks interesting, happy you enjoyed it!

    Liked by 1 person

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