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Synopsis from Macmillan Publishers:

Did you know that dolphins find their dinners by using sound to track down the location of their prey?

Did you know that baby dolphins are born tail-first?

Did you know that each dolphin has a unique whistle (like human fingerprints) that makes them recognizable to other dolphins?

Discover these facts and more in The Truth About Dolphins, a new addition to the popular series that combines raucous amounts of humor with a surprising amount of information on beloved animal friends.

About: The Truth About Dolphins is a nonfiction children’s picture book written and illustrated by Maxwell Eaton III. It was published on 5/15/2018 by Roaring Brook Press, an imprint of Macmillan Publishers, hardcover, 32 pages. The genres are picture book, children’s book, animals, and nonfiction. This book is intended for readers ages 4 to 8. There are 8 books in this series called The Truth About Your Favorite Animals: book 1 is The Truth About Hippos, book 2 is The Truth About Bears, book 3 is The Truth About Dolphins, book 4 is The Truth About Elephants, book 5 is The Truth About Crocodiles, book 6 is The Truth About Hawks, book 7 is The Truth About Butterflies, book 8 is The Truth About Parrots. According to the publisher’s website, “Roaring Brook Press is a publisher of high-quality literature for young readers of all ages, from toddler to teen, and in all categories: picture books, fiction, and nonfiction.” Please see below for more information about the author and publisher.

My Experience: I started reading The Truth About Dolphins for my daughter on 6/25/2021 and we finished it that same night. An amazing book about dolphins. From reading this book, I learned that baby dolphins drink milk from its mom. My question is, where? The illustrations showed the area around the mom’s stomach and I’m curious to see it in person. Dolphins are definitely fun and cute animal. I have seen it do tricks at Sea World once long ago. This book introduced me to dolphins I have never seen before like the Atlantic Spotted Dolphin. From Sea World, I thought dolphins only live in warm climates so I’m happy to learn that they do exist in the Arctic and Antarctic.

This book introduced dolphins. They looked like a fish. Two pages showed the differences between fishes and dolphins, such as fish swim by moving their body side to side while dolphins move their tails up and down. Next page informed readers that dolphins are like humans because they breathe air and gave birth to live young. This book informed that there are more than 40 species of dolphins and they existed every sea/ocean around the world. Readers will learn what dolphins eat and how they communicate to each other. At the end of the book, readers learn that dolphins do have humans to be afraid of just like the other animals in this series.

The Truth About Dolphins was well written and illustrated. It’s good to learn new vocabularies in books, like blubber for the thick layer of fat that kept dolphins warm. I didn’t read the humor portion in this book this time because I wanted my daughter to know as many facts as she can remember. I’m sure the humor will be appreciated by readers in the suggested age group. The echolocation that the dolphins use to communicate to one another was cool. I appreciate the steps given so readers can visualize the animal’s way of communication. I loved the illustrations and I’m glad it seemed to show how happy the dolphins are. Two pages even showed how dolphins liked to have fun: they leap, they splash, they surf, and they spin! A great read and I recommend everyone to read this book and this series!

I rate it 5 stars!

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About the Author and Illustrator:

Maxwell Eaton III is a highly tolerated author and illustrator of numerous books for children, including his The Truth About Your Favorite Animals series, which includes entries on dolphins, elephants, crocodiles, and more. When he isn’t drawing talking animals, Eaton can be found in a canoe with his wife and daughter in the Adirondack Mountains of New York State. (Photo obtained from the author’s Instagram page and info obtained from Macmillan’s website. Book pictures obtained from Edelweiss).

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