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Synopsis from HarperCollins:

Best friends Stella, Ana and Dixie have always lived life to the full. But now they’re approaching their forties, reality is starting to kill the mood…

Stella loves her children, but misses her glittering career. Plus she can’t even remember the last time she had sex.

Ana is trying for a baby with her partner Rex. So why can’t she stop thinking about the one that got away?

Dixie is the wildest of them all. A Tinder addict who’ll never settle down. But has she accidentally found Mr Right…?

It’s time for the friends to shake things up and start having some fun. Because you only regret the things you don’t do, right?

About: No Regrets is a women’s fiction written by Tabitha Webb. It was recently rereleased on 3/2/2021 by HarperCollins 360, paperback, 384 pages. The genres are women’s fiction, romance, and contemporary. This book was the author’s debut. According to the publisher’s website, “Harper 360 is our global publishing initiative, publishing books in English from HarperCollins UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and India offices and books in Spanish from HarperCollins Iberica and Mexico offices. We publish in all genres of adult, children’s and YA books, and in all formats—print, e-book, and digital audio.” Please see below for more information about the author and publisher.

My Experience: I started reading No Regrets on 6/24/2021 and finished it on 7/2/2021. An interesting read, this book has women living their life to the point of having no regrets. Sad thing was, Stella only have complaints when came to having kids. She complained about not having clean clothes to wear and how basically they embarrassed her at the grocery stores with their chocolate hands. I have kids as well as gave up my career and I still think that kids brought me more joy than hardships into my life. On top of that, I think Dixie broke all of the best friends’ code when she did a tell-all about her best friends’ dirty secrets to Frankie whom they have never met. If I were her friend, I wouldn’t want her talking about me like that. Ana’s situation was one that got me thinking. Her husband’s condition just sprang out of nowhere. They seemed okay before he went to work and then all of a sudden he couldn’t get his manhood to work. Was it because of the pressure of having a baby? Or he just reach a certain point and it just turned off?

This book started with Stella, 40, told in the third person point of view. She’s a stay-at-home mom with two kids who’s husband often worked late. She felt miserable, wanting a nanny for her kids and to have her career back. The second view was Ana, 39. She and her husband Rex are trying to have a baby. Ana’s feeling sad about missing her ex and her husband’s condition. The third view was Dixie, 40. She’s on a lookout for a man to hook up. On the airplane, she and Freddie flirted and drank champagne. Later they took a step further. They all meet up for drinks every few days to catch up on life, men, sex, career, etc. One day, Stella was invited for a night out with someone she met at the playground and it turned into something Stella wasn’t expecting.

No Regrets was a steamy read that I was not expecting. Dixie’s personality reminded me of Samantha from Sex and the City. Stella hardly had a reason to be upset at her husband for having an unacceptable extracurricular activity because she also had one, before knowing what her husband did. Dixie surprised me when she’s mad after finding out Freddie’s secret from Holly. She basically encouraged Ana to cheat on her husband Rex! This book was about women in their 40s who made the decisions on their own to live life for themselves despite some having husbands and kids. A midlife crisis. I just don’t care to get to know these women much and so I lose interest in reading this book.

I rate it 3.5 stars!

Tag Lines: friends, romance, LGBT

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About the Author:

Tabitha was previously best known for her hugely successful collaboration with Dannii Minogue on their label Project D which launched in 2012. Project D dresses were worn on the red carpet all over the world, and global stockists of the brand included Selfridges, Harrods and Bloomingdales.

Today, in addition to her thriving label, Tabitha has also collaborated with other brands to lend her design aesthetic and print library. In 2019 Tabitha launched her first wallpaper collaboration with Barneby Gates. She also collaborated with Avon for 4 years on a line called ‘T by Tabitha Webb’. In 2018 she collaborated with Uniqlo on the global launch of a loungewear and nightwear collection for them.

In October 2020 Tabitha launched a perfume called ‘Colour’ in Superdrug in association with Great Ormond Street – £2.50 from the sale of every bottle continues to be donated to the charity.

In February 2021 Tabitha launched her first bedlinen line exclusively with John Lewis.

Tabitha hosts her own podcast ‘No Regrets’ where she talks to a variety of people every week about risk and regrets.

As well as all the above, Tabitha’s first fiction novel entitled ‘No Regrets’ was published by Harper Collins in July 2020. Her second novel is due to be published in July 2021. (Photo obtained from HarperCollins’ website and info obtained from the author’s website).

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***Disclaimer: Many thanks to HarperCollins 360 for the opportunity to read and review. Please be assured that my opinions are honest.



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