Little Free Library Tour 2 #littlefreelibrary #bookworm #books #bookunhaul

Hi Everyone!

Hope you all are doing well. Before my son’s school started, on 8/12/21, I took him and my toddler daughter out for a car ride, to 5 different little free libraries. I’m loving them so much! It’s my new (obsession) and motivation to read faster so that I can bring my books to swap out with books from there. It’s also a great motivation to get my son to read when he rediscovered previous loved books. I’m happy this time he picked two new titles he hadn’t read before and one classic he had heard and wanted to read.

This time I brought 10 books from my bookshelf to donate. See below picture. Reviews can be found here: No Regrets, SHE, The Loyalties, The Last Gate of the Emperor, Monster Hunter, Looker, Again, but Better, and Glimpse. I didn’t read the travel book and the dictionary book my son picked up from our last little libraries tour.

I’m amazed to find 5 new locations from the ones I visited last month. One of the 5 little free libraries actually located at my son’s elementary school! My son took us there and my toddler daughter loved it. Behind the library was a garden. The school grows tomatoes and has kid size benches that was just the right size for my daughter to get on and off. There were kids’ displayed art works on the ground where my daughter loved to explore.

Here are the books my son and I picked. I’m super excited to read them! I have been wanting to read The Vanishing Half for awhile so I might start on it first.

Check out my other Little Free Library Visits Here and Here. I recommend you to look at pictures using #littlefreelibrary on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok because there are some amazing ones out there. I really admire some cute designs. All the ones I have visited so far are simple where my toddler daughter called them little house.

Happy Reading!


12 thoughts on “Little Free Library Tour 2 #littlefreelibrary #bookworm #books #bookunhaul

  1. Florence @ Miscellany Pages says:

    I love the idea of little free libraries!!! There never used to be any nearby for me but I’ve just heard that one has been set up locally which is exciting. You’ve inspired me to pay a visit! 📚❤️ X x x

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