August 2021 Wrap Up & Blog Upgrade #readingwrapup #monthlywrapup #bookworm #books #bookreview

Hi Everyone!

First off, I’m really excited to share with you that I have upgraded my blog! It’s now and no more additional wordings in it. My free space has been dwindling down and I have been considering an upgrade for awhile. Since the birth of my daughter, I no longer have the luxury to sit at a computer desk and type up my reviews on the keyboard. I have been writing my reviews and staying up to date on social media purely using my phone this past two years. The links on my blog are outdated for 5-star books, book series, reviews by titles, reviews by publishers, and wrap ups/tags. If you look for something, just do the search button or the categories. I used to post my reviews to retail stores too but I’m a bit behind on it now. On 8/30/21, I decided to sign into my blog on the computer to update some links when WordPress popped up a 50% off discount for an upgrade. I took the promotion right away! I’m now on premium version. If you are in premium, do share with me if you have taken advantage of the ability to receive money via PayPal either through selling something or asking for donations. I’m curious about that. I think next year I may go back to basics because premium version without the discount is a bit expensive.

In August, I read up a storm. I recently bought a kindle paperwhite to get back to reading ebooks. Amazon gifted me 3 months free access to kindle unlimited. I read 28 picture books for my toddler from there! I loved most of these books and many of them had amazing illustrations. Three books I loved most were Shark Lady, Dinosaur Lady, and I Promise. I wrote mini reviews for all of them on my Goodreads account.

The main books I read were 11 books, adding 28 books from kindle unlimited makes it 39 totally. The picture below has 9 books. Dark Roads was my first audiobook from NetGalley and The Hollow Heart was my first ebook from NetGalley since I took a break 3-4 years ago. I loved both books! From the 9 books, I also listened to audiobooks while I read: Let Her Lie, The Tales of Beedle the Bard (mini review on Goodreads), and Grown. The 3 picture books are nonfiction: Dishwasher’s Big Job, What the Animals Saw, and River Stories. I recommend them for your kids! In August, I read my first Japanese horror called Nothing but Blackened Teeth. Since I don’t understand Japanese terms, it was not too scary for me. I loved the third installment of the middle grade graphic novel memoir called Friends Forever. One book I DNF in August was A Touch of Jen. I read up to 50% word for word.

Last month I reviewed my NetGalley account. I joined since 2014. I remember reading a lot of ebooks but back then I read on my phone and developed dizzy/vertigo problems. I had to quit reading ebooks for 3-4 years. Now I got myself a kindle paperwhite, I decided to install the NetGalley app. I listened to my first audiobook on there and loved it. I have already been invited by publishers to read 4 ebooks on there. I have downloaded all 4 but I’m afraid of the huge backup list. I do have 23 books from before my break. It’s a bit nerve racking but at the same time, I love having a lot of books to read!

Last month I also made a point to visit some free little libraries. I loved trading out my read books and getting some books I haven’t read yet. I will be going to it at least once a month because I just love this concept so much.

Happy Reading Everyone!


Please share my reviews :-)

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