September 2021 TBR #tbr #tbrpile #tbrstack #bookstack #bookpile #bookworm #books #fictionbooks

Hi Everyone!

Every month, I make a big TBR of book stack to read. I’m a mood reader so I can’t decide ahead of time what I want to read. Creating a big stack gives me room to decide and at the end of the month, the pile remaining is still big. That’s okay because I love big stack of books!

This month, I thought of making an alternative TBR stack. I have been wanting to read these books for ages but haven’t gotten around to it.

I have seen the mini series for Little Fire Everywhere and enjoyed it. I’m excited to read the book. I loved Lord of the Rings movie but still haven’t read the book. I have enjoyed reading all 4 books of the Cormoran series so I have purchased Troubled Blood as soon as it came out. I keep hearing about how amazing Stephen King’s books are but I have yet to read my first one. I bought this book because many Instagrammers loved it. I just need to make time to read them all.

What are you planning to read in September? Are you a mood reader? I used to not bother with making a monthly TBR but I like to attempt at following a plan.

Happy Reading!


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