Little Free Library Tour 3 #littlefreelibrary #bookworm #bookunhaul #books #booklover

Hi Everyone!

In the month of September, I made a few mini trips to the little free libraries. Sometimes I go with my kids and I feel bad that the toddler wasn’t having fun because trading out books at the little free libraries were mostly my love. So I ended up taking them to different playgrounds each time instead. I may have the same books in different stacks because I didn’t donate all at the first two trips but it all got donated by the third or was it fourth trip. See my other posts: Little Free Library Tour and Little Free Library Tour 2.

These are the books I took to the little free libraries. Some were extra copies. I have only read Gay Bar, The Da Vinci Code, Little Secrets, Brolliology, Let Her Lie, and A Touch of Jen.

Here are the books I got. They are books I have been dying to read!

Pictures of the little free libraries I visited below. They were mostly ones I have visited before. I loved seeing the contents inside of the little free libraries! I see some books I have donated in my last visits are still there and in other libraries they were gone. I loved it when I no longer see my books there.

I’m desperate to have a little free library in front of my house haha..

Happy Reading!


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