September 2021 Wrap-Up #readingwrapup #monthlywrapup #wrapup #bookworm

Hi Everyone!

Can’t believe we are already into the fall. I remembered clearly I was just complaining about the icky feelings of sweat on my body every time I went outside due to humidity. Thank goodness it’s cooler now and we can take walks outside without getting so hot and sweaty!

Last month I read a total of 45 books! 13 books from the picture above are my main reads for the month where I write detailed reviews on my blog: The Orphan Witch, The Dire Days of Willowweep Manor, Comfort Me with Apples, The Boy Who Made Everyone Laugh, Over the Woodward Wall, The Truth About Parrots, Aurora Rising, The Missing Hours, The Other Passenger, A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder, Niki Nakayama, Dragons Are the Worst!, and Small Knight and the Anxiety Monster.

The remaining 32 books were picture books I read for my toddler from kindle unlimited. I have free access to it because I bought a kindle paperwhite to read ebooks. My free access ends 10/20/21 and I thought I won’t be reading a lot of picture books anymore but when I go to cancel, Amazon offered me another 3 months for $1.99. It’s too good of a price to say no. So I will be reading lots for my toddler daughter for a few months. These books I have mini reviews for them on my Goodreads account:

In September my family went to visit a friend and her family. She’s a nonfiction reader so I brought a few books to gift her: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens, The Last Lecture, The Lovely Wife, and Catch and Kill. I have read all of these books where two of them were prior to my blogging days but I do recommend them!

I also learned how to make a new snack my family loved to eat and becomes a perfect dish to bring over to friends house for potluck.

I also made visits to Little Free Libraries because since I have discovered their existence, I loved them.

I attempted to watch a few shows and movies but I find that I don’t enjoyed them much. I finally saw Black Swan. Didn’t like it. I saw a few episodes of Nine Perfect Strangers based on the novel by Liane Moriarty but it was weird. I watched a few episodes of The Handmaid’s Tale but the brutality was extreme so I didn’t like watching it. I don’t think I will read the book. I borrowed it from the library but then I returned. I don’t know.. it’s one I might read later I guess. I also saw 2 episodes of Shadowhunters but don’t like the monsters much. They just looked scary lol.

Happy Reading Everyone!



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