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Hi Everyone!

Happy November! I can’t believe it. We are almost going to welcome 2022. It sounds so futuristic somehow.

Last month I read a whopping 32 books! It sounds huge but I mostly read picture books for my toddler using Amazon kindle unlimited. Amazon is giving me a great deal, 3 months subscription for $1.99! So I’m taking advantage to read more for my little one at bedtime and nap time until she can read for herself. The picture above are books I read and review on this blog. The rest has my mini reviews posted on my Goodreads account.

I read a variety of genres as you can tell. I enjoyed Aurora Burning a great deal as well as Good Girl, Bad Blood. I planned on finishing out both series this November. I surprised myself when I loved reading this memoir called The Girls in the Wild Fig Tree. It makes me want to read more memoirs in the future. I enjoyed the twists and suspense in Everything We Didn’t Say. I think Assembly was my first short story I have read in awhile. It’s great and quick read. I love reading middle grade books and The Forever Horse was an excellent one. Picture Books like The Book of Rules and Oh No! The Talent Show were good ones to read to toddlers. My little girl loves looking through the pictures and learning the illustrated things.

See below for picture books I read from kindle unlimited except Awake and Human Journey. Those two are reviews I’m still working on. I loved The Ferris Wheel biography as well as Ada’s Violin and One Plastic Bag, all were nonfiction.

This year’s Halloween, I dressed up as the girl version of Pennywise, wicked clown, except I get scared by the image of her in red wig and black makeup so I made myself a cute version of her instead by wearing red headband and no black makeup. See my unboxing video with the outfit on my Instagram account.

My son’s school hosted a drive-in movie at the end of the month. I got to participate. It was fun. Drive-in movie is a great one during covid.

I’m so excited! I just got notified that my library is going to have a big book sale! I think I should make a list so I don’t buy everything but I will probably just buy everything I fancy because it’s cheap. I have a weakness for sales!

Happy Reading Everyone!



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