Library Book Sale Haul #bookhaul #bookbuys #librarybooksale #bookworm #booknerd #bookaddict

Hi Everyone!

This month my city hosted a two-day library book sale. I attended both days! Here are books I picked out on day one with 50% off for early birds: I paid $18 for 30 books!

On day 2, I went with my son. He picked out some books too. There weren’t any 50% off on this day. I paid $15 for 13 books! My stack is first and my son’s stack is on the second picture.

I loved attending the library book sale. My city hosted one every year but I never got to go because the schedule always interfered with my family’s plans. This year, I was so happy I could attend. I’m a happy camper! They brought in vendors to sell foods and city jobs. There was a live band on day one. There were story time for toddlers on both days. My toddler got to enjoy story time and singings on day two. I highly recommend attending library book sale. The prices were awesome!

I’m having such a bad reading, reviewing, and blog posting slump this month. I got into adult coloring while I go through the slump. I’m loving it. I hope to post my finished page by next month. I also got a 2022 calendar and many stickers. I’m going to be more organized in the new year with my reading, hopefully to read 100 pages a day.

Happy Reading!


8 thoughts on “Library Book Sale Haul #bookhaul #bookbuys #librarybooksale #bookworm #booknerd #bookaddict

    • Jasmine says:

      My son and I too. I saw all 3 movies. I’m not impressed. I haven’t read many Riordan’s books yet but my son has read many series of his and loved them. Have you read all of his books?


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