December 2021 Wrap-Up & New Car

Hi Everyone!

Hope you all had a happy year end. Mine was eventful. My family visited my parents in Florida and we eat a lot everyday. My mom cooks well. My family also upgraded our car. It’s time really and such a change that is. We traded in our old sedan car, 2008 Toyota Avalon for a 2022 SUV Honda Pilot. It’s our first SUV ever so naturally it’s my first time to drive an SUV. I thought it might be difficult but it wasn’t! I have just always drove a sedan.

Here’s the difference that amazed me! see pictures below.

So, I read and listened to audiobooks a total of 34 books, again mostly picture books for my toddler. The picture above are books that I wrote detailed reviews for on my blog including an audiobook below and the pictures below that are books I wrote mini reviews for on my Goodreads account. In the new year I won’t be reading as many picture books because I’m not renewing my subscription to kindle unlimited, which expires January 20. I will take my little one to the library so I might still read more, who knows.

Links to my detailed reviews here: Pick a Pine Tree, Awake, Float Plan, Skin of the Sea, Ready Player One, Couple Found Slain, Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen, As Good As Dead, and Ramsay in 10.

I have reviewed An Earth-Bot’s Solution to Plastic Pollution in the new year. I love reading and I’m glad to be exposed to so many great stories. This 2021 year I don’t watch as many TV shows and movies as I used to. I’m not regretting the time for books but I do wish to have more time for more!

What I ate at the end of the year:

An excellent way to end the year! Eat! I hope you all had a great year end as well!


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