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Synopsis from Grand Central Publishing:

An atmospheric and compelling Swedish suspense of a parent’s greatest fear realized, written by a master storyteller.

Martin, who has always been drawn to the ocean, moves his wife Alexandra and their two young children move to his family’s idyllic summer cottage in the picturesque island village of Orust, on the west coast of Sweden. Martin begins to cultivate a mussel farm, where he soon runs into trouble with the locals.

One January weekend, when Martin is distracted by a ringing phone, he discovers that in those few moments, his young son has gone missing and his little red bucket is bobbing in the waves. Though his body is never found, it’s ruled an accidental drowning. Martin’s grief is all-consuming as he falls into a deep depression, withdrawing from his family and community.

When former police photographer Maya Linde arrives to Orust, she learns of the little boy’s disappearance and decides to do some investigating of her own. Martin and Maya grow closer as they learn the hidden truths of this town and the locals who have always mythologized the ocean.

Together they make a macabre discovery: other children have tragically died in the these waves, all on the same day in January, all in the exact same spot, though decades apart. Can it really be a coincidence, or is the ocean luring the children into its depths? As Maya and Martin grapple with a threat far greater than they ever imagined, they soon realize that the truth is actually much stranger than fiction…

Set against a backdrop of the whispering ocean, Winter Water is an atmospheric and gripping suspense novel of the nature of grief and the many acts is can make us capable of.

About: Winter Water is a mystery thriller written by Susanne Jansson. It was published on 12/7/2021 by Grand Central Publishing, an imprint of Hachette Book Group, paperback, 336 pages. The genres are mystery thriller, adult fiction, and suspense. According to the publisher’s website, “Grand Central Publishing, formerly Warner Books, came into existence in 1970 when Warner Communications acquired the Paperback Library, subsequently publishing paperback reprints editions of such bestsellers as Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird and Umberto Eco’s The Name Of The Rose. Today Grand Central Publishing reaches a diverse audience through hardcover, trade paperback, and mass market imprints that cater to every kind of reader.” Please see below for more information about the author and publisher.

My Experience: I started reading Winter Water on 2/8/2022 and finished it on 2/13/2022. A slow burning mystery, this book dealt with how parents react when their child went missing. On top of that, there were hints of a curse. The curse felt creepy to me and it kept me turning the pages. Interesting set of characters. I liked Maya and her living arrangements. Lia and Robert’s green lifestyle sounded awesome too. It’s cool that this story took place in Sweden. I haven’t read this location before. Maya and Martin each has such unique family life growing up. Maya’s sleuthing got the best of her and in this book it showed failure before success. It showed that Maya wasn’t perfect and just know exactly what to do all the time. A vivid view of Maya’s decision when she was younger vs today and the similar consequences. Martin’s life growing up sounded intense. I can’t imagine the silence. Maya’s living arrangements was unconventional and so was how she chose to live her life. I liked her easy going with people and her happiness at being on her own without the need of men or settling down. I enjoyed reading the surprise view at the end.

This book started with a prologue describing the sky above the water and the people living around the island and how they heard sounds of cries that could have been the wind. Then the story began following Martin as he swam underwater enjoying the peace and quiet among sea creatures. He’s in the business of mussel farming. Then he drove over to the daycare to pick up his son, Adam, 3. Martin was woken up during the night to find his son sleepwalking and talking. He and his wife also have an infant daughter Nellie, 4 months old. The next day, his wife Alexandra and daughter went to Alexandra’s sister for a weekend getaway. Martin was home alone with Adam. Another view was Maya. She made arrangements with another person to basically switched houses for awhile so that she could have the chance to live on an island. Her new friend was Lia and Robert who adopted a green lifestyle, living off the land. Robert’s best friend with Martin. Martin and Adam were planning to head out for a picnic when his landline rang. He went to answer the phone and left his son at the front of the house. After his conversation with his dad, he came back out but his son no longer sat on the steps. He looked everywhere. The third view was Alexandra, Martin’s wife. She wanted to ask Martin about what happened and to grieve with him but he pushed her away. The fourth view was Robert, who contacted Alexandra about Martin. Maya was a photographer sometimes working for the police and she thought the whole situation with Adam wasn’t right so she decided to investigate. There was an epilogue at the end of the story.

Winter Water was well written and offered a unique storyline. The normal way was when grief struck, usually women were the one who fell apart first and men had to be the strong one to uphold the fort. I liked that this book presented the opposite because men are humans with feelings too. I liked the reminder about keeping an eye on young kids all the time especially when they are near water. I enjoyed the sleuthing work, from one clues leading to the next. It was exciting when Martin found clues that his son might still be alive, same with Maya. The reading pace got faster then and I enjoyed the read a lot more. I recommend everyone to read this book!

I rate it 5 stars!

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About the Author:

Susanne Jansson was born in 1972 in Åmål, Sweden. She later moved to Gothenburg to work in advertising and then to New York to study photography. After returning to Sweden, she spent her professional life combining her work as a photographer with being a freelance journalist focusing on reportage and profile stories in areas such as culture, film, music and literature. Her debut novel The Forbidden Place was published in 2017 by Grand Central and in twenty-four territories. Winter Water is her second novel.
Susanne Jansson passed away in the summer of 2019 after a courageous fight with cancer. (Photo and info obtained from Grand Central Publishing’s website).

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***Disclaimer: Many thanks to Grand Central Publishing for the opportunity to read and review. Please be assured that my opinions are honest.



3 thoughts on “Winter Water #BookReview #winterwater #mysterybook #thriller #bookworm @grandcentralpub

  1. Jeanne says:

    I would have an entirely different feeling about reading this book depending on whether the childrens’ disappearance is supernatural, or whether it’s something humans do (the first might be interesting; the second is just dispiriting).

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jasmine says:

      It was thought as a curse and it might be that way with previous families who reside in that house but the current family’s loss (or not) was not a curse but the occurrence was not premeditated. The curse got events rolling.. so I’m leaning on supernatural 😊


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