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Synopsis from Hachette Book Group:

A hilarious collection of desert island cartoons from New Yorker cartoonists Jon Adams and Ellis Rosen to help us feel isolated. . . together.

This timely reflection on isolation brings together the best of a beloved genre, featuring an array of desert cartoons done in the signature single-panel style of a New Yorker cartoon. Whether you’re feeling marooned in too-close quarters with a loved one, are frantically dreaming up ways to escape from your own quarantine island, or are simply feeling nostalgic for palm trees and sand, these cartoons are sure to make you smile–and we could all use a laugh right now.

Drawn from a diverse collection of contributors, these humorous drawings are an essential addition to any coffee table collection, and bring a much-needed dose of levity to the circumstances we all find ourselves in.

About: Send Help!: A Collection of Marooned Cartoons is a nonfiction collection of desert island cartoons edited by Jon Adams and Ellis Rosen, foreword by Emma Allen. It was published on 11/9/2021 by Voracious Books, an imprint of Little, Brown and Company, hardcover, 208 pages. The genres are nonfiction, humor, and pictorial. According to the publisher’s website, “We are Voracious: a new imprint at Little, Brown led by Editorial Director Michael Szczerban, launching our first list in Fall 2019. Our publishing interests are wide-ranging, but our books are driven by twin forces: appetite and curiosity. To us, books are a matter of passion. Our mission is to connect readers with what they love most—from politics and Instant Pots to irreverent advice and pop culture. Most of our books are illustrated, and all of them are designed to make readers pick them up and immediately engage with them. Our authors are artists, entrepreneurs, cooks, photographers, tastemakers, thought leaders, scientists, storytellers, historians, humorists—and more.” Please see below for more information about the author and publisher.

My Experience: I started reading Send Help!: A Collection of Marooned Cartoons on 2/14/2022 and finished it on 2/18/2022. A great book! Right away, I was amazed at how many different ways cartoonists can draw a desert island coconut/palm tree. I don’t think there were any two that looked alike, except if they were by the same cartoonist. I used to love watching cartoons when I was a kid. This book is a welcome change especially during pandemic when we are all worried if we will be sick from the virus. I honestly didn’t notice the cartoon themes until I got to the end of the book. I enjoyed reading the explanation of each theme. Those true stories were fantastic reads and the humor was excellent. Those advices were hilarious, especially the need for food and water!

This book opened up to a foreword page talking about how during pandemic cartoonists drew heaps of desert island cartoons. It was understood that people were tired of being cooped up at home and instead dreamed of the open air where there’s no chance of contracting the virus because it would be easier to do the social distancing requirement. Then there will be pages upon pages of different island cartoons from many different cartoonists. Near the end of the book, there will be a history of the desert island cartoon write up. Next page pointed out that these desert island cartoons were following different themes: meta, isolation, priorities, relationships, time, survival, business as usual, and death. At the end, readers will be informed that the cartoons in this book were mostly fictional, but some “true stories of real-life castaways” are included if readers read on. There will be pages of advices on how to survive if ever readers ended up stranded on an island. Also among advices, readers will find jokes and games to pass the time if readers happen to grab this book as a priority when stranded on an island.

Send Help!: A Collection of Marooned Cartoons was awesome. The advices on hygiene was funny too. That word search, I can’t help but draw on it. When I realized it’s a paragraph, I had to write it down to know what was being said. Now I regret writing in the book. I don’t write in books ever! Find the difference between two pictures of a guy stranded on an island made me laughed. The answer hint was a plus. I’ll be sure to grab this book when I next fly on an airplane, though I’m hoping I will never experience being stranded on an island. Definitely a fantastic cartoon book and I highly recommend everyone to read it!

I rate it 5 stars!

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About the Editors:

Jon Adams is a New Yorker and MAD Magazine cartoonist based in San Francisco. He has created comics for McSweeney’s, Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Wired, and Fantagraphics, written animated shorts for MTV, and created illustrations for Netflix, Bloomsbury, Chronicle Books, California Sunday, Sunset Magazine, Johns Hopkins Magazine, and Womens Wear Daily, among others. His work has appeared on Late Night With Seth Meyers, Comedy Central’s @midnight, and CBS Sunday Morning. (Info obtained from Hachette Book Group’s website).

Ellis Rosen is the younger brother and a contributor to the Eisner-nominated graphic anthology Yiddishkeit: Jewish Vernacular and the New Land. His work can also be seen in the film Diving Normal and on various websites including The Millions, The Progressive, and TruthOut. (Photo and info obtained from Hachette Book Group’s website).

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***Disclaimer: Many thanks to Little, Brown and Company for the opportunity to read, cook, and review. Please be assured that my opinions are honest.



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