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Synopsis from Kids Can Press:

In the fifth book, Scaredy Squirrel plans his own birthday and surprise!… things get very crowded.

Scaredy Squirrel is planning his own birthday party for one – but despite his detailed plans, things get out of control when the party animals arrive.

He’s back! Scaredy Squirrel, the loveable worrywart, returns for another nutty adventure. Scaredy never plans big birthday parties. He’d rather celebrate alone quietly in the safety of his nut tree and avoid those pesky party animals (ants, clownfish, ponies and Bigfoot). When all his excessive plans are thrown up in the air like confetti, will Scaredy play dead and cancel? Or will he face the music?

About: Scaredy Squirrel is a children’s book written and illustrated by Mélanie Watt. It was published on 3/1/2014 by Kids Can Press, an imprint of Hachette Book Group, hardcover, 32 pages. The genres are picture book, children’s fiction, and birthday. This book is intended for readers ages 4 to 8, grades P to 3. According to Kids Can Press’ website, it is “the largest Canadian-owned children’s publisher in the world.” The Toronto-based publisher has variety of books for all readers, from picture books to non-fiction, graphic novels, young adult, and more. Please see below for more information about the author, illustrator, and publisher.

My Experience: I started reading Scaredy Squirrel has a birthday party on 2/13/2022 for my toddler as a story time and we finished it that same day. We have since looked through the illustrations a few more times. My toddler loves naming all of the things that Scaredy Squirrel afraid will show up on his birthday party. Big foot always got her smiling while porcupines and confetti are new terms for her. This book is for anyone who is nervous about your special day. Instead of having fun, you’re worried about all of the things that could go wrong. Scaredy Squirrel plans his birthday down to the minute. He prepares counter attacks for unexpected surprises that he expect might happen. That is sure a lot of planning.

This book started with Scaredy Squirrel. He has never celebrated his birthday in a big way with lots of friends on the ground below his tree. He doesn’t like many surprises especially those that could ruin his party. The ants could eat everything and the porcupines could pop out the balloons. Every year he plans his birthday party for just himself with a party checklist and recipe for his cake. This year however, he receives a birthday card from his friend, Buddy. To reciprocate kindness, he decides to take a risky move and invites one friend, Buddy, to join him at his birthday party. He prepares and plans his party very carefully, but when the day arrives, he was surprised by an event that wasn’t part of the plan.

Scaredy Squirrel has a birthday party is a book full of learning opportunities. Scaredy Squirrel is an organized fella who writes down all of his birthday plannings via check lists and flowcharts. He has tips on how to do small talks. The illustrations for do’s and don’t’s at a party was great! No need for chaperones at Scaredy Squirrel’s birthday party because he’s so responsible! He has only one Do amongst all Don’t’s!! This book also shows that despite all of the careful plannings, there’ll be occurrences that the host can’t totally control. A cute fun read that will keep young readers busy.

I rate it 5 stars!

Buy it here for free shipping: Book Depository or Kids Can Press’ website

About the Author:

It was in a design class taught by Michèle Lemieux at the University of Quebec in Montreal that author and illustrator Mélanie Watt created her first picture book, Leon the Chameleon, which was later published by Kids Can Press. Watt went on to create several more books, including the Learning with Animals collection and Augustine, which was named an ALA Notable Children’s Book. Watt has also illustrated Where Does a Tiger-Heron Spend the Night? and Bearcub and Mama, which won the 2006 IRA Teachers’ Choices Project.

Mélanie’s best known book Scaredy Squirrel, has won many awards including the Ruth and Sylvia Schwartz Children’s Book Award for Children’s Picture Book and the Amelia Frances Howard-Gibbon Illustrator’s Award. The release of Scaredy Squirrel Makes a Friend, was met with enthusiastic reviews and incredible sales, confirming the arrival of kid lit’s newest superstar.

Chester,Chester’s Back! and Chester’s Masterpiece are about a megalomaniac cat who is every bit the antithesis to Scaredy. Chester has already become a bestseller and shows the breadth and creativity of Mélanie Watt. (Photo and info obtained from Kids Can Press’ website).

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***Disclaimer: Many thanks to Kids Can Press for the opportunity to read and review. Please be assured that my opinions are honest.


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