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Synopsis from Macmillan Publishers:

A home named Walter learns how to heal his broken heart after a family he loves moves away in this poignant picture book about loss and renewal.

Walter was a happy home.

He loved the bustle and warmth of the family that lived with him. But when they move away, his feelings are hurt. He grows cold and quiet and only wants to be left alone.

So when a little girl and her mama move in, Walter is determined to get them out! But in his struggle to do so, Walter may just feel livable again and change how he feels.

Chelsea Lin Wallace has written a truly poignant story. With its classic sensibility, paired with Ginnie Hsu’s warm and lush illustrations, A Home Named Walter is a special story that will resonate with many readers for years to come.

About: A Home Named Walter is a children’s nonfiction written by Chelsea Lin Wallace and illustrated by Ginnie Hsu. It publishes today 4/19/2022 by Feiwel and Friends, an imprint of Macmillan Publishers, hardcover, 32 pages. The genres are picture book, children’s nonfiction, and emotions & feelings. This book is intended for readers ages 4 to 8. According to the publisher’s website, “Feiwel and Friends is a publisher of innovative children’s fiction and nonfiction literature, including hardcover, paperback series, and individual titles. The imprint is dedicated to “book by book” publishing, bringing the work of distinctive and outstanding authors, illustrators, and ideas to the marketplace. Feiwel and Friends is defined and guided by our principle: Our books are friends for life.” Please see below for more information about the author and publisher.

My Experience: I started reading A Home Named Walter for my toddler’s bedtime on 4/16/2022 and we finished it that same night. We have since read it every night after. What a cute story and the main character is a house! I would say my house is livable and messy. It’s not one of those house that looked like it’s meant for a picture to publish in a magazine. I’m glad to know that Walter relished the mess. It gave me the comfort to share a picture of my messy living room without feeling bad. The illustrations were awesome. My toddler liked the busy first two pages of the book, where the boy sat playing at his train table, the girl holding up a sandwich, the mom frying an egg, and the dad walking out the door. I liked the expressions on the house when it’s sad because it caught my toddler’s attention and her immediate response was to comfort Walter. It’s interesting that the illustrations showed interracial families.

This book followed a home named Walter. He was happy with the family living there. He didn’t mind the noise or the mess. One day they moved out and he felt sad. He just wasted away and allowed his floors to creak and his doors to droop. His surroundings overgrown with weeds. Later a mom and a little girl moved into Walter. He was not happy and even felt cramped. The mom and the little girl unpacked, organized, and fixed up those areas that needed fixing. Walter didn’t want to be fixed and even blew out the flames when they tried to build a fire in the fireplace. At night, Walter heard the little girl cried for her Papa and it touched Walter’s heart. Later the little girl came upon a picture of the previous family who lived with Walter and sympathized with Walter that she understood what it’s like to have someone moved away. From then on, Walter felt understood and he once again became a home.

A Home Named Walter was well written and illustrated. I liked the expressions of Walter on the wall like the picture below. It’s personalities are just like a person. Walter didn’t like change. But soon relented when the little girl talked to him and let him know that she understood his feelings. This book was also great because the mom and the little girl were equipped to handle the unpacking, organizing, and fixing up the house all by themselves. They had a positive attitude with Walter and made him into a home without complaining about his flaws. It’s fun to see the mom and the little girl turned a house into a home. A cute read and I highly recommend everyone to read this book!

Buy it here for free shipping: Book Depository or Macmillan’s website

I rate it 5 stars!

About the Author and Illustrator:

Chelsea Lin Wallace is an author and a poet with a Master’s in Education. As a former elementary school educator, she loves teaching creative writing to children. As a little girl, Chelsea moved around a lot, but felt a unique connection to every home. She now lives happily in Los Angeles, California with her husband, daughter, and dog. She is the author of A Home Named Walter and You Are Always Loved. (Photo obtained from the author’s website https://chelsealinwallace.com and info obtained from Macmillan’s website. Book pictures obtained from Edelweiss).

Ginnie Hsu is an illustrator, designer, animator, maker and educator living in upstate NY where she teaches illustration at the University of Syracuse. Her love for drawing began in her childhood in Taiwan, and her work is often inspired by everyday life, nature, human living, travel and old artifacts she randomly finds. She loves mixing new and traditional media to create magic for all. Her illustrated books include A Home Named Walter and Lady Bird Johnson, That’s Who! and her publishing clients include Quarto, Old Dungate Press, Henry Holt, and Feiwel and Friends at Macmillan. (Photo obtained from the illustrator’s website https://www.helloginniehsu.com/about-2 and info obtained from Macmillan’s website).

More Information about Macmillan Children’s Publishing Group

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***Disclaimer: Many thanks to MacKidsBooks for the opportunity to read and review. Please be assured that my opinions are honest.



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