January to March 2022 Wrap-Up #readingwrapup #monthlywrapup #monthlyreads #bookworm

Hi Everyone!

Hope you are doing well. I love having this blog because it keeps all of my book reviews organized. It’s costly to renew it yearly. I’m hesitant if I should keep it or not. It’s one bill less I don’t have to pay if I don’t renew but it’s definitely sad to say bye to all my unpaid hard-work. Having this blog actually makes me happy. I have it for probably 6 years and only paid one year because my free space is used up. Also having the domain name is nice too.

I haven’t posted a reading wrap up in awhile. Here’s my January reads: An Earth’s Solution to Plastic Polution, Art is Everywhere, ‘It Was the Night Before Christmas, Can You See Me?, When the World Turned Upside Down, The Rema Chronicles, The Appeal, Last Seen Alive, Friends and Friends, Forever, Feeding the Frasers Cookbook, Battle Dragons, and Malibu Rising. Also Real Easy audiobook.

Here’s my February reads and reviews: Where is Bina Bear?, Bake, Make, and Learn to Cook, The Judge’s List, Winter Water, Aria’s Traveling Book Shop, and Send Help!. Then there’s The Golden Couple audiobook.

Here’s my March reads and reviews: You Are Not Alone, Scaredy Squirrel, On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous, Skyward, The Suite Spot, I Know Your Secret, and The Fields.

I also read many more picture books for my toddler but I have only written mini reviews for them and it’s all posted on my Goodreads account. Go to About Me for links.

Happy Reading Everyone! Let me know if you have a way to earn money with your blog. I just need enough to pay the renewal fee.



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