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Synopsis from Macmillan Publishers:

The suburbs, right now . . .
Seventeen-year-old Ivy’s summer break kicks off with an accident, a punishment, and a mystery: a stranger whose appearance in the middle of the road, in the middle of the night, heralds a string of increasingly unsettling events. As the days pass, Ivy grapples with eerie offerings, corroded memories, and a secret she’s always known—that there’s more to her mother than meets the eye.

The city, back then . . .
Dana has always been perceptive. And the summer she turns sixteen, with the help of her best friend and an ambitious older girl, her gifts bloom into a heady fling with the supernatural. As the trio’s aspirations darken, they find themselves speeding toward a violent breaking point.

Years after it began, Ivy and Dana’s shared story will come down to a reckoning among a daughter, a mother, and the dark forces they never should’ve messed with.

About: Our Crooked Hearts is a young adult fiction written by Melissa Albert. It will be published on 6/28/2022 by Flatiron Books, an imprint from Macmillan Publishers, paperback, 352 pages. The genres are young adult fiction, witches, magic, and horror. This book is intended for readers ages 14 to 18. I have read The Hazel Wood from the author and loved it. According to the publisher’s website, “Flatiron Books is committed to publishing intelligent fiction and nonfiction with commercial appeal by authors with distinctive voices.” It is “named after the historic building in which the company is housed.” Please see below for more information about the author and publisher.

My Experience: I started reading Our Crooked Hearts on 4/28/2022 and finished it on 5/13/2022 at 1am. Fantastic read! I loved Marion’s story as well as Dana’s. Ivy’s story was good too. Ivy’s mom was a bit of pros and cons. She left Ivy home alone to eat cookies for dinner but lectured her on being in a car with a drunk driver. I liked the author’s use of similes: Billy’s Adam’s apple was like a peach pit, bikers darting through traffic like fishes, and a hotdog spinning in its little tanning bed. There were more and I enjoyed every one of them. I enjoyed the magic in this book as well as Fee and Dana’s friendship. I always liked it when the title of the book appeared in the story. Despite Sharon being a small character in this story, I wondered what happened to her in the 20 years that passed. She sounded bitter still when she talked to Ivy.

This book started with Ivy, 17, told in the first person point of view, and her soon to be ex-boyfriend Nate, in the present day. They were at an end-of-year party and were getting ready to leave. He drove fast because he was a bit drunk. He stopped quick because there was a naked stranger in the middle of the road. It was 3am. They got out of the car and spied her swimming in the creek but decided to leave her there and drove directly home. Ivy’s parents lectured her on getting in the car with a drunk driver. The next day, Nate posted a picture of himself on social media with a busted lip to match the one he gave Ivy when he drove drunk. Ivy’s mom’s Dana mentioned about having a migraine and a dream the same night Ivy saw the stranger. Weird things started happening with Ivy’s mom. Ivy believed her mom has secrets so she started digging around the house and into her memory. The story switched to the city in the past, following Ivy’s mom, Dana, told in the first person point of view. She could always knew something before it happened. When she was 5 and her dad dropped his keys during the walk home she knew just where to locate it without seeing it dropped. Dana’s best friend was Fee. Later they befriended Marion. Marion introduced Dana and Fee things that they felt missing from their life. In part 2, readers will have the opportunity to enjoy Marion’s view. This book was divided into 3 parts.

Our Crooked Hearts was well written and developed. I loved this fast paced read. I do have to give an applause to the author for making a trip to K-Mart fun. This book has good diversity with LGBT characters and the use of foreign language. I don’t know how Billy can survive with little sleep like that. I was hoping he has some magical powers too. Each chapter ends with a mini cliffhanger so many times I couldn’t put down. I liked the idea of clawing out of the mirror. Some parts of the story were intense and I loved it. Some good and bad parents in this book so it resembles real life well. The romance was light so any young readers could read it. Definitely an interesting read and I recommend everyone to read this book!

I rate it 5 stars!

Buy it here for free shipping: Book Depository or Macmillan’s website

About the Author:

Melissa Albert is the New York Times and indie bestselling author of the Hazel Wood series (The Hazel Wood, The Night Country, Tales from the Hinterland) and a former bookseller and YA lit blogger. Her work has been translated into more than twenty languages and included in the New York Times list of Notable Children’s Books. She lives in Brooklyn with her family. (Photo and info obtained from Macmillan’s website).

More Information about Flatiron Books

Website: https://us.macmillan.com/publishers/Flatiron-books | Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/flatironbooks | Twitter: https://twitter.com/Flatironbooks

***Many thanks to Flatiron Books for the opportunity to read and review. Please be assured that my opinions are honest.


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