Book Sale Alert!

Have you read Dorothy Must Die Series? I wonder if the books in the series are any good because there are so many novellas for $2.99 here. I normally don't read novellas. I'm thinking if the books need novellas, does that mean the books itself don't have enough info? Anyway, there are so many good … Continue reading Book Sale Alert!

Book Sale: Behind Closed Doors

This book is currently on sale for $2.99, Amazon Kindle: Behind Closed Doors I haven't read this book yet but I am interested to read! Jill @ Rant and Rave About Books loved this book, so click on the link to her name to read her rave review! She rated 5 stars! Amy @ Novelgossip also … Continue reading Book Sale: Behind Closed Doors

Book Sale Alert!

Hi Everyone! I like bargain shopping because I hoard too much, so I often keep my eyes out for good deals. Please let me know if you find this post helpful and I will continue to share with you bargain books. This book is currently on sale for $1.99, kindle version. Click here to get it: … Continue reading Book Sale Alert!


Hi Everyone! I have just stumbled upon some good deals on these books on Amazon, kindle version. If you are still collecting these, I think these prices are really good to grab yourself a copy. They are currently on sale for $1.99 each!! My Review. Here is the link for the $1.99 sale: Angelfall (Penryn & … Continue reading BOOK SALE ALERT!!