September 2021 Wrap-Up #readingwrapup #monthlywrapup #wrapup #bookworm

Hi Everyone! Can’t believe we are already into the fall. I remembered clearly I was just complaining about the icky feelings of sweat on my body every time I went outside due to humidity. Thank goodness it’s cooler now and we can take walks outside without getting so hot and sweaty! Last month I read … Continue reading September 2021 Wrap-Up #readingwrapup #monthlywrapup #wrapup #bookworm

Little Free Library Tour 3 #littlefreelibrary #bookworm #bookunhaul #books #booklover

Hi Everyone! In the month of September, I made a few mini trips to the little free libraries. Sometimes I go with my kids and I feel bad that the toddler wasn’t having fun because trading out books at the little free libraries were mostly my love. So I ended up taking them to different … Continue reading Little Free Library Tour 3 #littlefreelibrary #bookworm #bookunhaul #books #booklover

August 2021 Wrap Up & Blog Upgrade #readingwrapup #monthlywrapup #bookworm #books #bookreview

Hi Everyone! First off, I’m really excited to share with you that I have upgraded my blog! It’s now and no more additional wordings in it. My free space has been dwindling down and I have been considering an upgrade for awhile. Since the birth of my daughter, I no longer have the luxury … Continue reading August 2021 Wrap Up & Blog Upgrade #readingwrapup #monthlywrapup #bookworm #books #bookreview

July 2021 Wrap Up #readingwrapup #monthlywrapup #wrapup #bookreview #bookworm #picturebooks

Hi Everyone! The new month is almost ending and I’m doing a previous month’s wrap! Yeah, time really do fly past me by. I’m on a race to read more books because my unread TBR seems to grow longer and longer. I don’t want to miss out on all of the good reads! I have … Continue reading July 2021 Wrap Up #readingwrapup #monthlywrapup #wrapup #bookreview #bookworm #picturebooks

Little Free Library Tour 2 #littlefreelibrary #bookworm #books #bookunhaul

Hi Everyone! Hope you all are doing well. Before my son’s school started, on 8/12/21, I took him and my toddler daughter out for a car ride, to 5 different little free libraries. I’m loving them so much! It’s my new (obsession) and motivation to read faster so that I can bring my books to … Continue reading Little Free Library Tour 2 #littlefreelibrary #bookworm #books #bookunhaul

May & June 2021 Wrap-Up Harry Potter theme park & Nascar #readingwrapup #monthlywrapup

Hi Everyone! Time has escaped me by. I feel like I don’t do enough and the end of the month came and went. It’s already 10 days into July. I have only reviewed one book. Somehow I managed to read and reviewed 14 books in June and 8 books in May. My picture from June … Continue reading May & June 2021 Wrap-Up Harry Potter theme park & Nascar #readingwrapup #monthlywrapup

March & April 2021 Wrap-Up #readingwrapup #monthlywrapup #bookworm #bookreview

Hi Everyone! The months just come by and gone so quickly! Turns out I didn’t get a chance to do a wrap up for March as I planned so this month I will have both months. It will be a long list of books like I have always wanted. I always admire how others could … Continue reading March & April 2021 Wrap-Up #readingwrapup #monthlywrapup #bookworm #bookreview

February 2021 Wrap Up #bookworm #readingwrapup #wrapup #monthlywrapup

Hi Everyone! Hope your February was fantastic! Mine was! I received some amazing bookmails! (Yeah, it's mid March, better late than never!) The Echo Wife was an excellent read! I was fortunate to received 2 copies so I was able to host a giveaway for one. In February, I read a debut, Down Comes the … Continue reading February 2021 Wrap Up #bookworm #readingwrapup #wrapup #monthlywrapup

January 2021 Wrap Up #readingwrapup #monthlywrapup #wrapup #bookworm @fsgbooks @celadonbooks @torbooks

Hi Everyone! Hope you are doing well. We are a week into February already. I didn't plan on posting my reading wrap up so late but better late than never. So in January I read 5 books, where only one was from a TBR stack! I'm such a mood reader but I do want to … Continue reading January 2021 Wrap Up #readingwrapup #monthlywrapup #wrapup #bookworm @fsgbooks @celadonbooks @torbooks

Reading Year 2020 in Review

Hi Everyone! Happy New Year! 2021 is here! Whoa! A new decade and I'm happy to be around to see it. Last year I challenged myself to read 100 books and I met my goal with some help by reading picture books to my daughter, otherwise, I have reviewed 71 books on my blog. I'm … Continue reading Reading Year 2020 in Review

Sept Oct & Nov 2020 Wrap Up #wrapup #monthlywrapup #readingwrapup #bookworm

Hi Everyone! How quick each month went by! I prepared the September reading wrap up but had to put aside and now it's a wrap up for not only September but also October and November. I have been spending a lot of time on social media and unfortunately read a little less. That's my excuse … Continue reading Sept Oct & Nov 2020 Wrap Up #wrapup #monthlywrapup #readingwrapup #bookworm

Veteran’s Day Free Meals and Deals for 2020

Hi Everyone! It was brought to my attention that there is such a day for free stuffs and it's today, Veteran's Day! The article below will tell you all about it: Veterans Day Free Meals and Deals for 2020 By: Sara Skirboll, shopping & trends expert at The Real Deal Blog  7-Eleven Active-duty, retired, veteran, guard, reservists … Continue reading Veteran’s Day Free Meals and Deals for 2020

August 2020 Wrap Up and Best Bookmail Ever!

Hi Everyone! Happy September! Last month was exciting for me. I'm excited to share it with you! As you can see, I read only a few books last month. It was because I reinstated my Netflix subscription so that I can watch the new season of The 100! I must say, I loved it. I … Continue reading August 2020 Wrap Up and Best Bookmail Ever!

July 2020 Wrap Up

Hi Everyone! Hope you read some great books in July! I read and reviewed 6 books, pictured above. It was unplanned to have a stack of uniform black color books 😂 The last week of July I experienced the reading slump and turned to Netflix for comfort. I watched a few episodes of The Magicians … Continue reading July 2020 Wrap Up

June 2020 Wrap Up & my feelings with COVID-19

Hi Everyone! I hope you all are healthy and safe from the coronavirus. It's definitely been a scary year so far. At first I read all the news I could find and scared myself and worried my family. I didn't go out to stock up because I was sick with the pneumonia. I experienced with … Continue reading June 2020 Wrap Up & my feelings with COVID-19

May 2020 Wrap-Up with zest #wrapup #readingwrapup #monthlywrapup #bookworm

Hi Everyone! Hope you are doing well. I'm currently on vacation to Florida visiting family. Not so lucky because weather forecast to rain all day and all week. In May, I read a few excellent middle grade books. I started out with The Phantom Twin. From the same publisher, First Second, I found my library … Continue reading May 2020 Wrap-Up with zest #wrapup #readingwrapup #monthlywrapup #bookworm

April 2020 Wrap-Up and Cover Release #bookworm #monthlywrapup

Hi Everyone! April was a great month! I'm no longer sick and I started going outside more. I just walked around my driveway sunbathing, planting flowers, picking out weeds, playing on the scooters with my son, and jumping ropes after breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Being active and getting a bit of sunshine really helps make … Continue reading April 2020 Wrap-Up and Cover Release #bookworm #monthlywrapup

Jan & Feb 2020 Wrap-Up & More

Hi Everyone! It's been a lot going on with me, especially in February. I have been a new mom for 7 months. In this 7 months, my mistake was trying hard to do breastfeeding when truly my body just refused to produce milk for my baby and I just ended up exerting myself a lot. … Continue reading Jan & Feb 2020 Wrap-Up & More

Favorite 2019 Books Read #bookworm #read #readingchallenge #bookblogger #goodreadsreadingchallenge

Hi Everyone! You saw that picture right! I completed my reading challenge of 100 books for the year!! 😍 I have to be honest though because I was not going to make it. I read at least 20 picture books for my daughter to complete my goal 😂 So now, I am going to share … Continue reading Favorite 2019 Books Read #bookworm #read #readingchallenge #bookblogger #goodreadsreadingchallenge

Reading Goals for 2020!

Hi Everyone! This is my first post ever focusing on reading goals! I'm starting early on planning my reading for next year. In the past, I read many YA fantasy books and for the most part, I loved it. Then I get irritated when all of the books started having the main character specializing in … Continue reading Reading Goals for 2020!

November 2019 Wrap-Up #wrapup #readingwrapup #bookworm #monthlywrapup

Hi Everyone! How's your November? Mine's great! This month, I'm so lucky to have the opportunity to read new books that won't be available until January 2020 and after. Above, you will see my stack of books that goes as far as February 2020! Please see below for links to my reviews. 1. How to … Continue reading November 2019 Wrap-Up #wrapup #readingwrapup #bookworm #monthlywrapup

October 2019 Wrap-Up #readingwrapup #bookreview #bookworm

Hi Everyone! Hope your October went well. Regarding the book world, my October went great. I have read and reviewed 8 books! Though, to be honest, I just couldn't find any interest in The Furies and so I skimmed through a lot. I also DNF'ed Dark and Deepest Red which I felt terrible but I … Continue reading October 2019 Wrap-Up #readingwrapup #bookreview #bookworm

Wicked Reads Campaign: Halloween Trick or Treat Bookshelf – Middle Grade Books #middlegradebooks #blogtour #bookshelf #bookworm @penguinkids

Hi Everyone! Happy Halloween! 🎃 👻 I'm here today because I took part in the Penguin's Wicked Reads Campaign. Thank you Penguin Young Readers for inviting me to be part of the creative blog tour! Are you ready for trick or treat reading?? (Be sure to click on the links for my reviews on some … Continue reading Wicked Reads Campaign: Halloween Trick or Treat Bookshelf – Middle Grade Books #middlegradebooks #blogtour #bookshelf #bookworm @penguinkids

YA Debut I READ – Part 5

Hi Everyone! I have been collecting Debuts! Last year I put together a list of debuts I have read and reviewed and have been adding to it ever since! They all are in different genres. Below are the next 10! Please follow the links below to read my reviews. Seeing many new writers getting published, … Continue reading YA Debut I READ – Part 5

September 2019 Wrap-Up and More

Hi Everyone! Hope you all are doing fantastic! September is now ending. Lots going on in September for me. I didn't review lots of books that's for sure. I'm experiencing the difficulties where my daughter refuses bottle feeding and I'm having low supply of milk. I have decided only days ago to take supplements called … Continue reading September 2019 Wrap-Up and More

July and August 2019 Wrap-Up #bookreview #bookworm #bookblogger

Hi Everyone! Bye Bye August and Hello September! At the beginning of the year, I challenged myself into reading 100 books this year and so far I have read and reviewed 50 books on my blog. Now it's September and my daughter is now 1 month old, I fear I may not able to reach … Continue reading July and August 2019 Wrap-Up #bookreview #bookworm #bookblogger

April & May 2019 Wrap Up

Hi Everyone! Happy first day of June! I hope you are making the most out of your time. I know I am. I have been home full-time since the second week of April and have been able to read and review more books. I love this opportunity. I am now nearly 8 months pregnant and … Continue reading April & May 2019 Wrap Up

My Year in Books: 2018

Hi Everyone! I hope you meet your reading goal in 2018. I was 3 books away from 115. I'm back down to making a goal of 100 in 2019 haha.. Though I have read and reviewed 112 books on Goodreads, I have only written 86 detailed reviews on my blog. This year, my reads are … Continue reading My Year in Books: 2018